International Law Enforcement Federation (ILEF) has established an International Law Enforcement Exchange Program designed to promote the sharing of police best practices and work protocols between participating police departments in the United States and participating police departments in countries all over the globe.

The law enforcement exchange program allows the participating professionals and their agencies to learn firsthand about the best policing practices of their participating colleagues and countries. The exchange program also offers police executives to interact with their counterparts of other countries and enhance relationships that can improve cooperative efforts across their borders.

ILEF International Law Enforcement Exchange Program provides a unique opportunity for the establishment of effective and international cooperation among the participants. The principal objective of the visits and program enhances the ability to implement international community policing, strengthen each country's criminal justice partnership in the suppression of transnational crime and facilitates the growth of law enforcement cooperation and relationships.

2008 2nd International Law Enforcement Exchange Program – China & South Korea

Second International Law Enforcement Exchange Program. The program expands to include police executives from South Korea and China.  American police executives with expertise in developing community partnerships explained the active role American police agencies are taking to improve community policing and quality of life issues.