The Young Asian American Leaders for the Future program is designed to facilitate young Asian Americans to have experience and acquire knowledge they need to become leaders for their communities and to increase their potential for future employment in law enforcement , government and/or public offices.

The YAALF program gives students a global perspective that will broaden their knowledge in political and governmental processes. Our young students receive firsthand working experience as interns in various governmental offices and non-profit organizations including legislative offices, law enforcement agencies and commissions

of the United Nations in order to build their knowledge and experiences in attaining leadership skills. YAALF participants also become actively involved in specific community issues and campaigns in an effort to help them reach out into the Asian American community as well as the general public.

The ILEF understands the potential of our youth population, especially on college campuses. ILEF strives to create YAALF programs in college campuses throughout the country. The objective being to reach out to the younger generation and give them the opportunity to build and enhance their leadership career paths and achieve their goals.

The ILEF organization endeavors to educate and provide guidance to the young leaders of tomorrow, and to prepare them to actively contribute to the political and governmental issues that affect our country. The students are then better prepared and motivated to have a leadership role in their communities, law enforcement fields and government offices.


Knowledge - To understand the issues that affect our lives in our communities as well as to help us question and improve the governmental process at all levels, local, state and federal.

Courage - To get involved in the political process at all levels and either run for office or actively support those who do and to increasingly become involved in the political process in an active democracy.

Persistence - Never to give up as we strive to attain ever higher levels of participation and influence in local, state and federal political office to achieve the idea of complete equality so that the voices and input of the Asian-American community are always respected and taken into consideration as any issue is arises.